Self-service checkouts added to two campus restaurants

Juvenes will introduce self-service checkouts at its Oulu campus restaurants to make service smoother and shorten queues during peak hours. Initially, self-checkout will be launched at two pilot sites, Restaurant Napa and Restaurant Foobar. The required changes to the lunch lines have already been completed, and the actual self-checkout pilot will start on 12 August 2019.

Self-service checkouts will change both the order in which things are done and the method for verifying student status. In the future, lunch will be paid first, after which the customer will collect the products from the lunch line. The current practice of choosing only one meal option will continue, and extra portions and desserts will be paid separately. The self-service checkout is easy to use: the student is identified through the Tuudo app, after which s/he pays for the lunch and any additional products with a card. Cash cannot be used. Self-checkout can also be used by University of Oulu staff members and postgraduate students as well as visitors.

According to Tuudo, similar self-checkout solutions implemented in collaboration with the company are currently in use at two student restaurants in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

In addition to the self-checkout pilot, Juvenes will start another project at Restaurant Napa, related to the management of customer flows and queues, together with researchers from VTT Technical Research Centre Of Finland. The project will track the routes taken by customers and their behaviour in the lunch line using separate tracking devices. The aim is to gather accurate data on what happens in the customer path and where the bottlenecks are, so that service can be made smoother in the future. The tracking devices will not record any data that would make it possible to identify individuals. This ensures that the privacy of customers will not be breached during the project.

Last updated: 3.10.2019