FinnAdvance receives a significant start-up award

The start-up company FinnAdvance, resulting from vascular and lymphatic research at the University of Oulu, has won the Tech Start-up Award 2019, a large international innovation competition in Cologne.

Founded by doctoral student Prateek SinghFinnAdvance develops chip technology based on microfluidics to examine factors related to the formation of vascular structures and to test drugs. The advantages of chip technology are speed, adaptability and ethics, as it can replace research carried out on animals. Singh, a doctoral student at the Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine of the University of Oulu, is the managing director of the company. 

“After receiving the award, we have been contacted by many international investors. I have also been invited to various events. Over the next three weeks, I will give a talk in five different countries,” Singh says.

FinnAdvance and the University of Oulu are involved in the European V.A. Cure project, which aims to uncover and understand the mechanisms causing anomalies and to establish novel therapeutic strategies for the disease, as well as to educate doctoral-level experts in the field of vascular biology. The aim of Lauri Eklund’s research group, a participant in the project, is to identify molecular and cellular level events leading to vascular and lymphatic anomalies and to develop models for testing new medical procedures.

In 2019, 240 companies participated in the Tech Start-up Competition. The event is part of the global Innovation World Cup.




Last updated: 7.11.2019