University of Oulu, 2016

Student admissions results published – congratulations to all successful applicants!

All the student admissions results for the University of Oulu have now been published.

In spring 2019, a total of 14,869 applicants applied for the Finnish-language degree programmes at the University of Oulu. 5,498 applicants, or 37 percent, applied primarily to study at the University of Oulu.  The admissions quota of new students at the University of Oulu is 2,201. The largest number of applicants applied to study in the fields of medicine, business, primary teacher education, dentistry, logopedics, and biology.

Compared to last year, the number of applicants increased in the fields of information and communication technology (ICT): 38 percent in Information Processing Science, 19 percent in Electronics and Communications Engineering and 16 percent in Information Technology. The number of primary applicants increased in all ICT fields as well.

The most popular master’s programmes were the three master’s programmes in Health Sciences (Health Management Science, Nursing Science and Teacher Education Programme in Health Sciences), Financial and Management Accounting, Construction and Infrastructure Management and Science Communication.

In addition, international master’s programmes received altogether 1,749 applications. The top three programmes applicants applied to were International Business Management (312 applications), Computer Science and Engineering (246 applications) and Environmental Engineering (207 applications). 121 applications were submitted to the international bachelor’s degree programme, International Teacher Education.

Many congratulations to the successful applicants! We look forward to seeing you this autumn at the University of Oulu.

New student

Remember to take a look at the For new students webpages. The webpage includes a list of things which it is important to take care of before starting your studies, as well as an initial timetable for your studies and a lot of other important information.

Last updated: 5.8.2019