University of Oulu, 2019

Success in Shanghai ranking of academic subjects

The University of Oulu is ranked in the list of the world's 500 best universities in as many as 18 disciplines, as calculated by Shanghai Ranking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2020.

We are among the best 75 universities in Telecommunication Engineering. Three areas have seen improvement since since 2019. These areas are Education, Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Earth Sciences.

The University of Oulu is on the list for the first time in Mining and Mineral Engineering. 

In a total of six fields, we are among the best two universities in Finland.

Each subject-specific comparison looks at the top 100–500 universities in the world, depending on the size of the field.

Rankings by subject are calculated, in particular, from scientific publishing and significant scientific awards received.

Our best placements are:


  • Telecommunication Engineering


  • Education*
  • Mining & Mineral Engineering**


  • Dentistry and Oral Sciences
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering*


  • Biological Sciences
  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering


  • Nursing
  • Ecology


  • Clinical Medicine
  • Public Health
  • Medical Technology
  • Earth Sciences*
  • Atmospheric Science


  • Human Biological Sciences
  • Chemical Engineering

* Improvement since last year
** New placement

Rankings by subject

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Methodology of the ranking

Last updated: 14.8.2020