Havainnekuva pian avattavista Telluksen tiloista.

Tellus comes to Kontinkangas

The Kontinkangas campus will get its own Tellus this autumn. The opening ceremony will be on September 17, after which the three floors of Tellus will be freely available to students and staff.

Tellus is an inspiring open space for learning, collagoration & entrepreneurship at the University of Oulu. The purpose of Tellus is to increase the interaction at the university by providing an operating platform for collaborations. Tellus has been operating on the Linnanmaa campus since 2016. It has seen a lot of use by university students and staff, and local businesses and other partners have also found their way to the services of Tellus.

Now, the Kontinkangas campus is also getting its own Tellus. Development Manager Simo Kekäläinen stated that students at Kontinkangas requested the addition of Tellus facilities to Kontinkangas as well.

“This kind of freely available facilities are good for building a sense of community, and there has been a lack of continuously available facilities in Kontinkangas.”

The Tellus facilities in Kontinkangas will be opened in the lobby of Aapistie 7A. The planning has been done in constant cooperation with Kontinkangas students and staff. The facilities will also be continuously improved based on the feedback received. 

“We collaborate a lot with actors inside and outside the university in order to offer a diverse programme and diverse opportunities for Tellus users,” says Kekäläinen.

In addition to all the same services provided at the Linnanmaa Tellus, the Kontinkangas Tellus will also have close cooperation with companies.

“We can organise exhibitions and product testing, for example,” says Development Manager Sergei Kopytin, who has shouldered a lot of responsibility in the project.

“Tellus also serves as a platform for multidisciplinary cooperation and entrepreneurial activities.”


Activities on several floors

The first floor will serve as a platform for innovation, entrepreneurship and cooperation with companies.

The facilities have been built using existing structures. The lobby space will transform into the Stage, a versatile meeting point for students, staff and partners. The Stage can serve as a venue for different kinds of events and exhibitions. The events on the Stage can also be viewed from the second-floor gallery, where a long desk will be mounted on the railing.

Kontinkangas Tellus has spaces for working and interaction on three floors.

The second floor was designed with the aim of a peaceful soundscape. The aim is for the second floor to serve as a quiet space to spend time and hold meetings, with a Nest space and rooms for group work or privacy. The starting point of the planning was convenience, flexibility and versatility. 

“For example, the furniture supports different kinds of needs. The premises offer furniture suited to working in groups or alone, and it can also be moved around, if needed. Just like in Linnanmaa, there are also spaces reserved for relaxation,” says Kekäläinen.

The first space to be completed was the lobby space, and a new café called Cafe Galenos has already been opened there. The entire Tellus will be officially opened at the opening ceremony on September 17, which all members of the university community are very welcome to attend. On the opening day, people can tour Tellus during the daytime event from 10 am to 2 pm or during the evening event starting at 4 pm. 

The autumn programme of Tellus will feature, for example, study skills development seminars, doctoral education seminars, cooperation with companies in the health sector and career services counselling points.

Together with Suomen yliopistokiinteistöt Oy, the University of Oulu is developing healthy, safe, functional and energy-efficient environments for learning and research. You will find information about other ongoing construction projects on the campuses in the page for changes in facilities.

Last updated: 29.10.2020