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University of Oulu significantly increases the number of starting places this autumn

University of Oulu will significantly increase the number of starting places in the autumn 2020. On 20 May 2020, the University Board decided to increase the number of starting places for both the bachelor's and master's degrees by a total of 249. By adding starting places, the University of Oulu anticipates meeting the increased higher education institutions degree target that the Ministry of Education and Culture has set for 2021–2024.

Higher education degree targets are about to rise appreciably for 2021 to 2024. The ongoing corona crisis and its effects on youth unemployment are also advocating more starting places as early as 2020. This will enable more young people to secure a pathway to higher education and, in due course, the labour market.

”In this exceptional situation, the new degree targets enable us to offer young people more opportunities to start their studies. We are also opening e.g. new degree programmes aimed at strengthening the attraction of our education in a situation where the number of domestic applicants from traditional recruitment areas is reduced”, explained Helka-Liisa Hentilä, Rector of Education at the University of Oulu.

For the spring 2020 candidate selections, 127 new places will be available for the bachelor's admissions and 122 new starting places will be added to the master's degree admissions.

In the bachelor's admissions, the largest increase will be in information processing science and wireless communications fields, totalling 35 places. More than 20 places will also be added in the fields of technology (25), the humanities and social sciences (24) and the natural sciences (23).

For the master's admissions, the addition of places is focused on international master's studies. There will be 103 additional places. Most new starting places will be added to information processing science and wireless communications with a total of 60 new places. The number of starting places in the fields of technology will be increased by 33 and in the fields of health and well-being by 10. Starting places for Finnish-language master's studies will be increased by 19 starting places.

The aim is to respond quickly to the shortage of experts in the ICT sector through the addition of master's degrees and education-based immigration.

The University of Oulu Board of Directors initially made decisions regarding the starting places for 2020 on 22 May 2019. At this time, no information was yet available on the higher degree goals for the new performance contract period.

New places available in next spring's joint application process

Four new degree programmes and 10 other new places will be established at the University of Oulu. Applications can be submitted in the spring 2021 joint application process. The new places will focus on areas that need labour force and skills, such as information processing science, as well as the field of health and well-being.

The majority of new degree programmes are international. For example, the multidisciplinary Business Analytics degree programme responds to an emerging need for expertise in computer science, information technology, and business. A topical master's programme in Epidemiology and Biomedical Data Science will be added for the health sector.

A doctoral degree programme will be established in civil engineering, which is a natural continuation for the recently established Master's programme and strengthens research expertise in the field at the University of Oulu.

The University of Oulu has also increased opportunities for students to apply for studies through the Open University. This route will be expanded and developed by adding open university routes to the degree programme in Geosciences and to the teacher’s master's programmes in computer science, medical technology, process and environmental engineering, health administration science, nursing science and health sciences teacher education.

The Open University routes can make it more flexible for students to apply to the university. The route can also provide an opportunity for those applicants who have not secured a place with their high school diploma or via an entrance examination, or who have only found an interesting field of study after completing a secondary or bachelor's degree.


Last updated: 25.5.2020