For me, Finland is warm

Nnguyen Huong Quynh Tran

I'm a Master student in Finance. When I heard about the Finnish education system, I liked the underlying concept of equality in education. It is about bringing everyone standardized quality education, no matter where they come from. From my perspective, this viewpoint is thought-provoking. Finnish people have different core values and belief system to learn, so I applied to the Finance master program and I became a student in Autumn 2015.

At the master level, studying is demanding. However, the professors, kummi (studet tutor), and program coordinator are always ready to help. Support is actually an essential aspect of the program. In addition, modern facilities make the self-study more comfortable and efficient. I enjoy spending 5 hours straight studying in a private room at Pegasus library.

Coming from a coastal city of Vietnam, life in Oulu is far beyond my expectation. I enjoy walking in the forest and bathing in the sunlight, albeit the coldness. Above all, my experiences with people are the most surprising one. When I first came to Oulu, a Finn drove me home from the bus station. Several days after, while I was struggling with my heavy table on the street, another Finn took care of me and carried my stuff home. She came back that evening to give me a blanket and she gave my friend a bed. I feel very welcome. For me, Finland is warm.

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Last updated: 18.6.2020