Ilmasto.nyt on monitieteinen opintokokonaisuus, joka käsittelee ilmastonmuutosta

The number of students enrolled for the module was a pleasant surprise is a multidisciplinary study module that deals with the science of climate change and how to prevent it and adapt to it. The module is open to anyone who is interested and can be completed through extensive online resources.

The module will be available at the University of Oulu for the first time this autumn. In addition to online studies, the module also includes five classroom sessions. Almost 170 students have enrolled for the module.

“The number of interested students has exceeded our expectations. It was a positive surprise that there was so much interest and need for these studies. Students from all over the university have enrolled so we now have a really multidisciplinary team taking part in the module,” said PhD researcher Jussi Malila from the Nano- and Molecular Systems Research Unit. Malila also coordinates studies at the University of Oulu.

The majority of students are from the faculties of science and technology. There are different ways for students in different disciplines to incorporate the module in their degree and they can choose whether to study for two or five course credits.

At the University of Oulu, independent online studies are supplemented by classroom sessions, which Malila says are intended to bring complementary perspectives to the study material and stimulate multidisciplinary discussion. In addition to the tasks included in the online material, students make their own learning diary and the five course credits module also includes a small group task.

The module was first available to students at the University of Helsinki in 2016, and hundreds of students have already participated in its studies. This autumn, the module is available at the universities of Oulu, Helsinki and Jyväskylä. Jussi Malila estimates that there are about 500 students participating in studies across the country.

The online study material is available in both Finnish and English and is open and free to everyone on an e-learning platform provided by the University of Helsinki. It is also available to teachers and educational institutions from different disciplines, and a guide is available for teachers.

The idea of a study module on climate change was born in 2014, and it went on to be promoted and funded by Sitra. Jussi Malila has been involved from the very beginning and has had many different positions in the project, first at the University of Eastern Finland and now in the University of Oulu. studies


Last updated: 11.12.2019