Coming to Oulu has been the best decision I’ve ever made

Antor Habib was working as an Assistant General Manager at a renowned electronics company in Bangladesh with a permanent contract when he felt like he was getting firmly settled in his comfort zone. So, a thought crept into his mind. “Is this enough for me? Am I going to stay within my boundaries?” Antor recollects.

The answer was “No.” Antor started looking at his options in advancing his knowledge in his field. In his job, he was working in product management, being the link between supplier and client and in charge of home appliances. This meant dealing with contracts, transportation, shipping and so on. Antor wanted to get more ideas, more innovation.

“I asked myself, how do other people do this? How do other countries do this?” Antor says. To that end, wanting to immerse himself in another culture, another learning environment, he applied and was accepted to Product Management, Master’s Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management at the University of Oulu.

“It was a really easy choice for me, as the programme fit my Bachelor’s studies and my work experience perfectly. I have been very happy with it, and coming to Oulu has really been the best decision I’ve ever made. The learning methods suit me really well, like the work in groups that we do in addition to lectures,” Antor says.

“The programme is not only giving me more in-depth knowledge about my field and opportunities to be around new ideas and innovate, but it will also build me as a person, and I really mean this. I love the focus on learning here at the university,” Antor enthuses.

Antor says he wants to become a researcher and is planning to accumulate more knowledge and build his expertise. It is not only just for research’s sake, because he wants to be able to contribute to society with his skills and experiences. He also joined the UniOulu Ambassador programme for that same feeling of community.

“I need to interact with people and exchange ideas. I’m really excited and happy that I’ve chosen to represent my university. I’m involved with all the events at the university, and it’s really great to be contributing,” Antor says.

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Last updated: 12.6.2020