two men pitching in the hole in the ice

Polar Bear Pitching

Thursday, March 12, 2020

What is the most exciting stage you have ever been on? Polar Bear Pitching offers an easy answer to that. It's the only event in the world in which the length of the pitches is only restricted by how much cold the speaker can withstand and in which frogmen are in charge of the security. 

Polar Bear Pitching has grown to be an internationally acclaimed startup event. We've had competitors from multiple continents and the competition is streamed to dozens of countries. Basic idea of the competition is that startup entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to judges, investors and audience while standing waist deep in an ice hole carved in the frozen Baltic sea. At the same time, it's a competition and a marvelous way to get funding and visibility to your business. Jumping to a frozen sea is a very concrete way of demonstrating just how serious you are with your business.

The next Polar Bear Pitching will be held on March 12th, 2020 in Oulu, Finland. In addition to the adrenaline-pumping finals, Polar Bear Pitching offers a daytime conference for entrepreneurs and investors, which is a great way for expanding your network. This year there is a possibility to by a combo ticket, which gives you access to both Polar Bear Pitching conference and Virtual Reality Nordic 2020 (organized on the 11th of March). Read more from the official website of Polar Bear Pitching.

University of Oulu researchers and startups can get a free ticket to the Polar Bear Pitching conference and after party (12.3.2020) if they submit a onepager of their startup / research project to the University Innovation Centre. Email Anne Sorvari ( for the onepager template and ticket to the event. 

Main organizers for this year are the University of Oulu and BusinessOulu. You can get further information from Mia Kemppaala ( and Anu Rytivaara ( and from the Polar Bear Pitching website at


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Last updated: 17.1.2020