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1,5M€ funding for hypoxia research

Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation has granted significant funding to the researchers of the University of Oulu. Foundation has granted 1,5 million euro funding for Professors Johanna Myllyharju and Peppi Karppinen of the University of Oulu. The grant was awarded for hypoxia-related research (Key enzyme regulators of the hypoxia response, collagen synthesis and epigenetic pathways as therapeutic targets) for five years.

The University of Oulu has a strong position in the international hypoxia research community. Karppinen and Myllyharju have ongoing collaboration with 2019 Nobel Prize recipients Sir Peter Ratcliffe and William Kaelin. Currently, there are approximately 50 hypoxia researchers working in the Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine.

Evolution has provided cells with a molecular-level mechanism that recognises a low oxygen level, or hypoxia, and starts a genetic programme to respond to it. The response to hypoxia involves hundreds of different genes that help cells survive in low-oxygen conditions.

The next research objectives have to do with more extensive understanding of the response to hypoxia and development of new medication. In addition to anemia, hypoxia plays a role for example in cancers, myocardial infarctions and obesity.

Jane and Aatos Erkko foundation granted several other research projects of the University of Oulu. National consortium FinnDisMice formed by the University of Oulu, University of Helsinki and University of Turku got 1,2 million euro. In the project, the new mouse models of the Finnish disease heritage are studied as study tools of rare diseases.

PhD Gonghong Wei´s project Towards systems understanding of prostate cancer susceptibility got 990 000 euro. The consortium of the University of Oulu, the University of Helsinki and the University of Turku got 927 000 euro to the project Matrix matters: The relevance of proper extracellular matrices for personalized cancer medicine assays. Professor Tuula Salo leads the project. FT Aki Manninen got 300 000 euro to his project Molecular crosstalk between hemidesmosomes and focal adhesions in prostate cancer cells.

Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation, granted donations 2019.

Last updated: 24.1.2020