Interactive learning rooms on the IT Street will be available soon


The construction of computer rooms on the IT Street has come to an end. Reconstruction works have been received on Friday, 7th February and the passage on the IT Street will open.

During weeks 7 and 8 (10.-23. Feb.), Condition monitoring is carried out on the premises, after which the equipping and furnishing of the premises begins. Operation and teaching in the new premises begins on 16th March.

The new facilities on the IT Street will significantly increase the capacity of the study space: approximately 350 students.

Spatial design has taken into account new, interactive forms of teaching. In addition to traditional classroom teaching, it is possible to hold workshops, discussion sessions and multi-faceted teaching. The corridor-side group workshops are 24/7 for students.

There is also an MLC (Multi-Location Classroom) for distance learning.

A covered bike park has been built at the new entrance. There are new social spaces on the ITstreet that are accessible to all university staff and students.

Last updated: 7.2.2020