Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC) – Networks and Systems Unit

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

CWC-NS focuses on creation of foundations for 6G in network optimization, intelligent networking and solution for its driving vertical applications including personalised healthcare (wireless medical communications), future manufacturing, smart energy grids, smart traffic and transportation, and public and environmental safety. Research in wireless networking concentrates on network architectures, multi-operator spectrum management, SDN-based (software defined networking) architecture instantiations, network functions virtualization (NFV), network slicing and orchestration, and wireless security in 6G networks. A strong focus in wireless systems is on developing 6G Test network from existing 5G test network (5GTN). Critical communications systems rely on hybrid commercial-dedicated solutions based on LTE, 5G and beyond 5G. Novel solutions utilizing hybrid radio communications and visible light communications (VLC), i.e., radio-optical systems are developed. Wireless medical communications concentrate on future wireless (and virtual) hospital and wireless body area networks (WBAN) both in- and on-body therein. Realization of 6Genesis vision requires the provision of ubiquitous, energy-efficient, reliable, and very-low latency wireless connectivity. As hardly any single wireless communications technology can address all these needs alone, efficient coexistence and energy efficiency of wireless connectivity solutions are then crucial from several points of view. 


Research topics:

- Wireless Systems;
- Network Security and Softwarization;
- Critical Communications Systems (CCS);
- Wireless Medical Communications.


More information:

Professor Jari Iinatti, jari.iinatti@oulu.fi




Last updated: 8.4.2020