M3S Unit

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Do you want to work on topic that makes a difference? At the M3S unit we are looking for motivated and talented researchers to work with us in creating a better future with software and digitalization.

M3S combines professional software development methods with exploring the possibilities of digitalization through new innovative systems and services. We are the largest software engineering research unit in Finland. Our research has strong tradition in empirical software engineering research. During the last years, we have made a strategic effort to build competences also in applying software engineering in selected domains: automotive and health. Our unit carries out research at high international level and publishes widely in the top journals and conferences. M3S has very strong industry collaboration and a proven track record in making a high impact in industry and society. Our staff is very international with close to 60 members including professors, lecturers, post-doc researchers, PhD students and research assistants. Our communication language is English.

We provide tailored integration package for individual fellows with supported personal career development planning and facilitated networking at national, European and global research and industrial communities. After finalizing an IF with us, you will have strong competence in your chosen area of research, excellent networks for collaboration, and survival skills you can use to continue a successful career either in academia or industry.

We are open to hear your ideas for a possible IF project in software engineering, digitalization, eHealth or application of software in automotive. Possible topics can be, for example:

•    New methods, techniques and tools that help future software engineers to develop relevant and robust software;
•    Developing eHealth solutions for specific conditions, such as disabilities or chronic conditions, and investigating how eHealth solutions create value for patients, healthcare professionals and society;
•    Processes, methods and tools to make cars and other vehicles smarter, safer, more sustainable and useful with software. Modern cars are in practice software products with up to 200 million lines of code. We have our own autonomous cars as demonstration environments.
•    Development of infrastructures or assets that advance digitalization of the society with more efficient and smarter use of software.

More information:
Professor Minna Isomursu, minna.isomursu@oulu.fi

Research unit website: https://www.oulu.fi/m3s/ 
Twitter: @m3sOulu

Last updated: 7.4.2020