Biomimetics and Intelligent Systems Group (BISG)

Biomimetics and Intelligent Systems Group (BISG) is a group of 2 professors, 7 post-doctoral researchers, ca. 12 PhD students and several MSc students in the fields of 1) robotics, 2) computer security and 3) data mining and machine learning. The group has international and national networks and active industrial cooperation.

BISG conducts internationally acknowledged multidisciplinary research in the areas of Data Analysis, Robotics, Secure Programming, and Bio-IT. The application areas of our research include optimisation of industrial manufacturing processes, industry 5.0, health and wellbeing systems, environmental monitoring with mobile robots, dependable Internet of things (IoT), and seamless artificial-natural systems.

Research topics

- autonomous mobile robots

- robot-human interaction

- collaborative robotics

- computer security

- cyber security

- data synthetization

- data quality and reliability

- limited data sets

- understandable machine learning

- data efficient AI

- uncertainty quantification and propagation

- multi-modal data fusion


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Professor Juha Röning

Last updated: 24.4.2020