Thesis defence in the University of Oulu

Doctoral Candidate

Licentiate of Medicine Simi Santala

Faculty and research unit

University of Oulu Graduate School, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oulu Graduate School

Field of study

Obstetrics and gynaecology

Date and time of the thesis defence

27.11.2020 12:00

Place of the thesis defence

Faculty of Medicine (Aapistie 5A), Leena Palotie auditorium (101A), Zoom link:

Topic of the dissertation

Prognostic role of cyclins A, B, and E and p27 in endometrial endometrioid adenocarcinoma


Docent Jyrki Jalkanen, Central Finland Health Care District


Docent Anne Talvensaari-Mattila, Oulu University Hospital

Cyclins can be used as prognostic factors in endometrial cancer

Endometrial cancer is a common malignancy in women. Despite the overall good prognosis, a considerable number of patients succumb to the disease. Currently used prognostic factors fail to adequately identify patients with good and poor prognosis, which may lead to undertreatment. The need for novel prognostic factors is evident.

The aim of the thesis was to evaluate whether cyclin A, B, or E or p27 or their combination can be used as prognostic factors in endometrial cancer. This was studied by means of immunohistochemical staining. Cyclins are a group of proteins that drive the cell cycle forwards. They have been suspected to affect cancer cell proliferation and cancer tissue growth. p27 is a protein that inhibits cyclin-dependent enzymes. The patient population consisted of 211 patients treated at the Oulu University Hospital.

Based on the findings of the thesis, cyclin A expression is an independent prognostic factor in endometrial cancer. Furthermore, a universally low cyclin expression was shown to hold independent prognostic significance. Cyclin B and E were shown to hold prognostic significance in univariate analysis. As for p27, no prognostic significance was found.


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