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Remotely together webinar for students

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Are struggling with your studies or worry about your health? Welcome to discuss and ask what kind of support and services do the university and other actors serve for students for different kind of challenges in life and studies, and to share those successful remote study practices. 

University of Oulu invites students to Remotely together webinar on 26 November. The event takes place online in English at 11–12 and in Finnish 10–11. Study and career counsellors, study psychologist and tutor teachers are there to discuss and answer the questions in Zoom’s chat. 

Send questions and share tips beforehand

You can ask questions also beforehand and share your best tips or greatest challenges on remote studies here.

Join the webinar in Zoom or in Vimma

  • In Zoom you can ask questions and chat with others. The first 500 can sign in.
  • In Vimma you can follow only the streaming. No need to sign in.


  • Welcome/ Tapio Koivu, Rector for Education
  • Mixed feelings and experiences on distance studies – How to take care of your wellbeing? / Study psychologists Pauliina Junnikkala and Kiia Kilponen 
  • Tutor teachers as personal study guides – How and in what matters can you ask for guidance? / Tutor teacher Olli Korhonen and Solution designer Tiina Kemppainen 
  • Questions, discussion


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Last updated: 24.11.2020