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Minor studies

Minor studies may be compulsory in or you can study the minor as part of elective studies. Minors can make your degree look like you. Students are generally free to select a minor at the University of Oulu. However, there are minors that have participation restrictions. Detailed information about application procedures and admission criteria for minor subjects that have a limited study right can be found from faculty pages. Take into consideration that also degree structure defines which minor subjects, and how many minors, can be included in the degree. If there are no limitations, you can freely choose a minor from the University of Oulu selection, or from another Finnish university.  Information on available minor subjects and application procedures is available on faculty pages.

How to apply?

  1. See the degree structure of your programme. Find out how many minor studies (ECTS credits) can be included in your degree, and when (year/term/period) it is recommended to study minor studies.
  2. Take a look at which minors studies are offered at the University of Oulu. You can also take minors from another Finnish university using flexible study right agreement (JOO), or during your exchange studies at foreign university.
  3. Discuss the minor studies that interest you with your tutor teacher, when making a personal study plan (PSP). You can also discuss your minor studies plan with your degree programme study advisor or with the programme director.
  4. Find out the application period and other instructions about the application process.
  5. Apply to the minor during the application period, and remember to follow the instructions.

Minor subjects offered in the faculties of the University of Oulu

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