Student Financial Aid for Summer

Students may receive student financial aid for those summer months (June, July and August) during which they complete degree-related studies regularly and on a full-time basis.

For a student's studies to be considered full-time, the student must complete at least 5 ECTS credits worth of studies per month of financial aid. Financial aid can be granted e.g. for exams, internships and thesis. If you students take an exam prior to 9 September 2017, they are eligible fo student financial aid for the month of August.

The application must always include a study plan for the summer.

  • Course, credits and date of exam
  • Thesis: the topic of the thesis, the date the work began and the name of the supervisor
  • Internship: start and end dates (at least 18 days/month)

The study progress of students is reviewed annually during the autumn semester and summer studies are also taken into account in this review.

Additionally, students in the Faculty of Medicine must apply for summer financial aid for the month of August if their studies begin in August. The application must state the precise date in August when the studies commence.

The Student Financial Aid Office should be immediately notified of any changes in circumstances (e.g. a move to a new apartment, employment, etc.) that occur after the submission of the application.

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Last updated: 20.2.2017