JOO - Flexible Study Right Application process

The University of Oulu does not participate in (since 1 January 2011) the electronic JOOPAS application system, but the applicants use the printable form to apply for a JOO flexible study right. The form can be printed from JOOPAS webservice and filled in according to the instructions. The studies are free of charge for the student if they receive a support decision from their home university.

The application form is processed first by your own university (home university), who will support the inclusion of the courses in question in your degree programme and makes the commitment to pay for them. Your home university submits the supported application to the target university, who then processes the application and provides you with registration and other instructions.

You should reserve a sufficient amount of time for the JOO study process (approximately 1-2 months). At the University of Oulu, the application will be processed approximately within a month of submitting the application.

In the application process, you should take into consideration the application periods of different universities.

Last updated: 11.1.2021