Faculty of Medicine – guidelines for a target university

Information on offered JOO studies

Degree programmes in Medicine and Dentistry

It is only possible to complete theoretical study units but not clinical studies, except for Child Psychiatry. For more specific information see programmes in  Medicine and Dentistry.

Degree programme in Medical Technology:

  • 580103A Introduction to Biomechanics, 2 credits
  • 080901A Introduction to Clinical Medical Technology, 6 credits
  • 080912S Applied Biomechanics, 4 credits
  • 080910A Applied Diagnostic Radiology, 4 credits

Programmes in Health Science and Health Administration

Basic and intermediate studies in Health Science and Health Administration.

Postgraduate education

See more information at University of Oulu Graduate School.

Application periods for JOO studies

Twice per year. The application periods end on 30 April and 31 October. The decision will be delivered to the student within approximately one month after the end of the application period.

Student guides

Criteria for granting the study right

  • JOO study rights are granted in accordance with resources.
  • The student must have sufficient basic knowledge or possible prior studies completed in a study unit.
  • The student’s study right application must include the support statement from the home university.

Length of granted study right

Two academic years, but at most until the end of the period for completing the degree.

Delivery address for the supported application and personnel processing the application

Undergraduate education

Chief Academic Officer Minna Hallia
Faculty of Medicine
P.O.Box 5000
FI-90014 University of Oulu, FINLAND
Street address: Aapistie 5 A

Postgraduate education

Chief Academic Officer Eija Ruottinen
Faculty of Medicine
P.O. Box 5000
FI-90014 University of Oulu, FINLAND
Street address: Aapistie 5 A

Starting JOO studies at the University of Oulu

The student must enroll at the target university in accordance with its standard registration procedures in order to use their study right. Further information on registration.

In order to receive an e-mail account, the student must contact IT Services at Student Center.

The following resources are also available to the student library services.

Registering the studies at the home university

The student is responsible for seeing that the completed studies are registered with the home university.

Contact information for personnel processing the applications

Academic affairs concerning basic education

Chief Academic Officer Minna Hallia
Tel: +358 294 48 5102
E-mail: firstname.lastname@oulu.fi

Academic affairs concerning postgraduate education

Chief Academic Officer Eija Ruottinen
Tel: +358 294 48 5106
E-mail: firstname.lastname@oulu.fi

Last updated: 18.3.2019