International Cooperation

The University of Oulu is working systematically together with research and innovation universities to strengthen international cooperation, and it strives for a leading position in these activities.

The University of Oulu has significant student and researcher exchanges with the economically fastest growing regions of the world and their best universities. We have 20 double degree programs, and our student exchange possibilities include close to 500 universities in the Erasmus network and dozens of universities with bilateral cooperation agreements, among others. You can have a visual look to our diverse partnership network and exchange destinations with UniOulu Globe tool.

During 2011 the University of Oulu expanded its cooperation with Japanese universities by opening an office in Yokohama. The CWC Nippon office strives to support continuity in cooperation, encourage multidisciplined research, and create new international cooperation models with business as well.

Finnish-American cooperation is strong in future wireless network technologies development through e.g. the WiFiUS institute. The institute is managed and coordinated by the Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC) of the University of Oulu.

The University of Oulu exports teacher education knowledge to e.g. Armenia and Namibia. A faculty of Medicine has been established in the University of Namibia, modeled by the University of Oulu.

Education Export

Education export is included in the strategy of the University of Oulu, as part of the internationalization of teaching. The University's strengths in education export are e.g. information and production technology, and teacher education.