The Unit for Strategy and Science Policy

In its strategy, the University of Oulu has chosen as its goal to be profiled as an internationally renowned science university, whose scientific excellence will be further improved and internationally widely recognized. Addressing the global challenges identified in the strategy requires a multidisciplinary approach and cutting-edge research.

The Unit for Strategy and Science Policy (STY) coordinates measures to promote strategy and science policy, and collects and produces information and visions to support decision-making. The unit is responsible for coordinating international affairs at the University of Oulu and supports networking in faculties and research units. The unit's responsibilities include quality and evaluation of research, quality control in general, research integrity and ethics, and the promotion of open science and research. The unit also supports the preparation, communication and implementation of matters dealt with by the Rector, Vice rectors and Administrative Director.

The Unit for Strategy and Science Policy reports to the Rector on its activities.

Contact information:

Charlotta Collén, Strategy Director
Director of the Unit, International Affairs Coordination, Science Policy, Strategy Work

Johanna Bluemink, Director
Tellus Team Leader, Tellus Development and Platform Network, Concept Development, Implementation of Strategic Development Projects and Pilots, Collaboration Networks, Rapid Research Radicals (R3) Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Pertti Tikkanen, Head of Strategy Planning
Knowledge Management, Planning, Direction of Operations and Reporting, Ethics and Good Scientific Practice (GSP)

Aija Ryyppö, Quality Manager 
University Quality System, Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (KARVI) Audits, International External Evaluation of the Focus Institutes, International University-Level Research Assesment Exercise (RAE), Ethics and Good Scientific Practice (GSP)

Miki Kallio, Policy Development Manager  
Open and Responsible Research, Science Policy, Coordination of Research Support, Research Data, Research Infrastructures

Ritva Saastamoinen, Strategy Officer
Secretary to the Management Groups and Councils of Research and Co-Operation, Focus Institutes Steering Group,  Communications Contact

Jonne Kettunen, Special Advisor
External Advocacy and Background Work

Jaakko Salo, Internal Auditor

Juha Mönkkönen, Special Advisor
Knowledge Management, Planning, Direction of Operations and Reporting, University Quality System

Pirjo Taskinen, RAE2020 Coordinator

Sergei Kopytin, Coordinator of International Affairs

Maire Honkanen, Secretary for Academic Affairs
Part-time, Assisting Duties

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Last updated: 25.5.2020