The Unit for Strategy and Science Policy

The Unit for Strategy and Science Policy coordinates projects and entities promoting University’s strategy and science policy and produces information and visions for decision making and policy definitions. The unit also coordinates international contacts and develops networks together with Faculties and Research Units. Moreover, the quality and evaluation of research, quality control in general, research integrity and ethics, and promotion of open science and research are Unit’s functions.

The projects and entities promoting the strategy and science policy are:

  1. Competent, interacting and vigorous community
  2. Active partnership and dialogue
  3. High-quality research with an impact
  4. First-class education for various aspect of life
  5. Inspiring work and study environment, and campus experience

The Unit for Strategy and Science Policy reports of its operations to the University Rector.

The Unit also takes care of preparing, communicating and executing matters dealt with the Rector, Vice Rectors and Administrative Director of the University.

Contact information:

Strategy Director Charlotta Collén
Director Johanna Bluemink
Head of Strategy Planning Pertti Tikkanen
Quality Manager Aija Ryyppö
Policy Development Manager Miki Kallio 
Strategy Officer Ritva Saastamoinen
Special Advisor Jonne Kettunen
Secretary Maire Honkanen

email: firstname.lastname @


Last updated: 8.8.2019