University of Oulu, 2016

Extra Curricular

There is a wide variety of extra-curricular activities for exchange students. And as the number of exchange students is about 500 each year, you will for certain find new friends from all over the world as well as from your Finnish student colleagues. And you will certainly get a chance to experience something you never thought you would try at home. Or how does ice hole fishing or deepsnow football sound?

ESN Oulu is perhaps the most important event organiser for you. As part of the student union, ESN welcomes all students, Finns and international, to participate not only in the events but in their planning as well. ESN's traditional Tuesday meetings in Caio, a cafe close to student residence halls are an easy way to get involved and find new friends. Annual ESN activities include for example Valentine's Day Party, a visit to world's largest snow castle, pulla baking day, skiing trips, bird watching - practically anything you can think of. Check out for example their facebook site for more information!

University of Oulu provides sport and wellness services to students and staff. You can choose activities from ballet to skydiving and from cross-country skiing to rugby. You gain access to the sports and academic sport services by purchasing the Sports Pass (EUR 30 for 2009-2010). The Pass functions as an entrance ticket to all the disciplines, training sessions as well as all the other services. The Pass also gives you certain discounts on some course fees and on services provided by cooperating partners.

Each academic major has their own Student Guild that deals with both academic and freetime issues. Once you have arrived, your fellow Finnish students are happy to guide your way to the Guild activities.

All exchange students can also participate in the Kummi Family Programme, which gives you a chance to experience Finnish family life as it is. Students sign up for the programme once they have arrived in Oulu, application will be posted to the Orientation website.

As a student in Finland, you are entitled to numerous discounts. Train and long distance bus tickets, movie tickets, entrance fees to museums and cultural events, ice hockey games - to name a few, they all have special student prices. Thus, travelling in Finland is very affordable for a student.

Last updated: 4.7.2017