Other Programmes

Non-European Partners and ISEP

Bilateral Non-European (Non-Erasmus) Partners

University of Oulu has several longstanding bilateral student exchange agreements with partner universities around the world. In general, bilateral places are available for both undergraduate and graduate students in all academic fields. All partner universities can be found in the SoleMove database.

Select ‘Exchange destinations Abroad and Feedback’ from the top left corner, select ‘Search exchange destinations” and type “Bilateral agreement” in the Exchange program. Then Start search.


University of Oulu has been a member of ISEP (International Student Exchange) since mid-70’s. Through ISEP our students can apply on exchange either to the USA or through I-I ISEP (Institution to Institution ISEP) universities outside USA. ISEP Direct is also available for our students. More information can be found on ISEP pages.

north2north, FIRST and Nordplus Programmes


north2north is a student exchange programme between Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Canada and Alaska (USA). Students registered at the participating institutions are eligible to apply through their own institutions of higher education. Within north2north programme, the University of Oulu receives students from all aforementioned countries. Outgoing students from the University of Oulu can choose Canada and USA as their study destinations within n2n programme.
More information can be found on University of the Arctic n2n website.

FIRST (Finnish-Russian Student and Teacher Exhange)

The FIRST programme promotes the mobility of higher education students and teachers between Finland and Russia. FIRST networks are coordinated by a Finnish institution of higher education which will submit the funding application to CIMO (Centre for International Mobility). 
More information can be found on CIMO FIRST pages.


Nordplus is the Nordic Council of Ministers' programme of lifelong learning. The Nordplus Programme offers financial support to educational cooperation in lifelong learning between partners in the Baltic and Nordic regions. The participating countries are Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden. University of Oulu has Norplus networks in different fields of study and the networks are coordinated at the faculty level. More information about Nordplus can be found on CIMO (Centre for International Mobility) pages.

Last updated: 26.9.2019