Information to the public

Doctoral candidates are requested to complete the Doctoral Defence Registration Form in Finnish, to be sent to the Communications Office of the University, together with a photograph of the candidate, no later than 10 days before the public defence of the doctoral thesis. This is to allow sufficient time for dissemination of information about the research and its public defence.

Doctoral Defence Registration Form

Description of the research

A description of the research in Finnish is to be submitted as part of the above-mentioned form. This should start with a brief and concise headline clearly stating the main finding of the research. In many cases, this will be different from the title of the thesis, since it is meant to awaken public interest.

The text, which should be written with a general readership in mind, should briefly describe the research question or questions, the methods used, as well as the results obtained. Wherever possible, the practical applications of research findings should be emphasised. When reporting findings, it is important to highlight the specific contribution of the research being reported, clearly differentiating the candidate’s own observations and conclusions from earlier work. In addition, it is advisable to stress those findings that are of interest to the wider public.

Concerning the style of writing, this should be clear and simple, with short sentences and, whenever possible, using general Finnish rather than foreign-based words. Scientific and technical terms should be avoided for the most part. The shorter and punchier the description, the greater is the probability that it will be read in full and understood by news editors.

Media information

On the basis of the information given in the form, a press release is drawn up by the Communications Office for distribution to the Finnish Broadcasting Company, local radio and television stations, regional and national newspapers, local papers, as well as selected specialist publications (incl. Tiede 2000, Lääkärilehti, Tekniikka & Talous, Talouselämä). Information about the doctoral research and its public defence is published also on the University website and in Aktuumi, the University stakeholder magazine.


A photograph of the candidate should be submitted to the Communications Office also ten days before the doctoral defence. The photograph may be sent either as a high-resolution electronic file to tapahtumia[at] or as a paper copy to POB 8000, 90014 University of Oulu (address when using internal mail: 8VIEST).

This photograph will be made available by the Communications Office to Kaleva and, on request, also to other papers.

In the case of print photographs, it is essential to write the person’s name and the year of the defence on the back of the print.

Contact for all questions in English concerning public information about the doctoral defence:
Communications Office, e-mail tapahtumia [at]

Last updated: 5.6.2016