MediaTeam participates in the Future Internet Research Programme

MediaTeam Research Group of the Computer Science and Engineering Laboratory joins the large-scale Finnish research programme Future Internet.

It is funded by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES) and is a part of the ICT cluster of the Finnish Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation (ICT SHOK) coordinated by TIVIT Oy.

The core theme of the Future Internet programme is to remove the obstacles from the path towards a smooth and efficient platform that also offers an efficient and transparent market for new innovations and applications.

The central research themes are the health of the Internet routing system, exploration of ways to improve the quality of end-to-end connectivity, investigation of new ways of information storage and delivery, and Internet security. Future Internet brings together the key research resources to develop future Internet networking technologies and to create new global ICT based business ecosystems.

The programme also actively interacts with the international standardization bodies, such as the IETF, and research activities in EU, China and US aiming to make impact on world-wide Future Internet research and development process.

MediaTeam participates in the Information networking work package, which focuses on developing an information dissemination system architecture that meets the demands of information networking in the Future Internet.

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Mika Ylianttila

Last updated: 22.3.2011