Funding decisions for short-term international research visits

The University of Oulu allocated altogether 200 000 euros from its 2011 budget to international research visits. The funding was meant for both incoming foreign researchers and outgoing University of Oulu researchers. The first call closed February 24, 2011, and the second August 5, 2011.

The purpose of the funding is to support short-term working periods (from the minimum of two weeks to two months) relevant to the applicant’s research. The visit should significantly advance a research project carried out in the University of Oulu. The visits should primarily take place in September–December 2011 or start by January, 2012. Funding can be used to cover travel, accommodation and living expenses; the latter will be granted as per the Academy of Finland’s monthly allowance.

The second call received 43 proposals by the deadline of August 5th, 2011. The applied sum was altogether 165 626 euros.  In total, 79475 euros were granted to the following applicants:


Name Euros
Davidyuk Oleg 5500
Enell Carl-Fredrik 1700
Filali Mahmoud 3949
Hirvonen-Kantola Sari 1136
Huttula Marko 2225
Häkkilä Jonna 4200
Kahra Hannu 2600
Karjalainen Timo P.  4500
Keiski Riitta 3900
Kortelainen Juha 3500
Louhi Pauliina 3960
Mainela Tuija ja Puhakka Vesa  4460
Mandic Vladimir 4500
Mykkänen Arttu 2900
Nyberg Pia 3400
Opas-Hänninen Lisa-Lena, Seppänen Tapio, Juuso Ilkka 6150
Pirttikangas Susanna 5800
Shan Jingdong 4000
Telkki Ville-Veikko 5000
Usoskin Ilya 2385
Ylimaunu Timo 3710
Total 79475


Last updated: 1.9.2011