Architect students win idea & design competition

A team of students from University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OAMK) was awarded the first prize of 5.000 Euros in the International Student Idea & Design Competition SuvelaSURGE.

The competition aimed at the sustainable urban regeneration and development of Suvela, a neighbourhood in Espoo, Finland.

In their vision, the winning team from Oulu ‘domesticated’ Kirstintie Road by a new pedestrian area and building infill, redirected traffic and rethought the parking lots. Two new greenbelts create a pedestrian connection to neighboring areas.

According to the Jury, the submission takes advantage of the existing diversity and provides the basis to develop it into a multicultural, socially integrating dynamic community by creating a more friendly new urban landscape.

The winning team consisted of Sanni Kemppainen, Hanna Kosonen and Tanya Anthony from the Department of Architecture; Jani Leinonen from the Department of Mechanical Engineering; and Annalinda Günther and Eveliina Oinonen from OAMK Faculty of Natural Resources and the Environment (Landscape Planning). The coordinating teacher of the team was Hennu Kjisik.

Over 60 ideas from 14 countries around the world were submitted for the competition. The teams had put an enormous effort to the work and this was reflected in the high quality of the submissions. The Jury assessed them against sustainability (social, economic and environmental) criteria and their executability, life-cycle and innovation value.

The competition was intended for multidisciplinary working teams: at least one had to be a student in Architecture and at least one in Civil or Environmental Engineering. Other team members could be selected freely from other university disciplines. Each team also had to name a coordinating teacher from their major discipline at their home university.

The competition was arranged in collaboration between SB11 Helsinki Conference and the City of Espoo and it was executed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and RIL Finnish Association of Civil Engineers.

Last updated: 20.10.2011