Mika Ylianttila to lead Internet research center CIE

Dr. Tech and adjunct professor Mika Ylianttila has been nominated as the new director of research and innovation center, Center for Internet Excellence (CIE), functioning jointly with the University of Oulu, from beginning of February 2012.

Mika Ylianttila, 39, has worked for the past 15 years at the University of Oulu on Internet research. He has focused on multimedia communication techniques and applications, from the viewpoints of telecommunication, computer science and user experience. Recently Ylianttila acted as the vice director of the MediaTeam Oulu research unit, and as professor at the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering.

Ylianttila has lead several research projects, where mobile Internet techniques and usage has been developed together with the industrial partners, as well as participated to future Internet research programs and standardization. During 2011 he was a visiting researcher at the Real-Time Internet laboratory, Columbia University, USA, which is one of the leading Internet research laboratories in the world.

”Oulu area has a lot of Internet related knowhow, which is good basis to take steps forwards. Scientific research provides foundation for innovations. At CIE, research is done in collaboration with many research groups and other partners in the area. Research topics are defined also from the point of business needs and commercialization of the research results”, says Mika Ylianttila.

One of the essential research topics of the research and innovation center CIE is future Internet user experience in various devices and environments, such as using 3D user interfaces in virtual and augmented reality applications. Research develops human-computer interaction, content technologies and product concept testing services. Center also coordinates multidisciplinary research, development and innovation projects, and networks nationally and internationally.

CIE is part of Oulu Innovation Alliance, where partners are University of Oulu, City of Oulu, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Nokia and Technopolis Plc.

Last updated: 1.2.2012