University of Oulu opens a research unit in Japan

The University of Oulu has opened a research unit in Yokohama, Japan. CWC-Nippon, a limited company owned by the University of Oulu, will develop environment-conscious and reliable sensor technologies and telecommunications network technologies for security applications in co-operation with their Japanese partners. The research aims to develop wireless devices for use in hard to reach locations and difficult environments.

Another application of the co-operation between CWC-Nippon and their Japanese partners will be medical technology.

CWC-Nippon is the first operational unit of a Finnish university in Japan. It is based on the wide-ranging co-operation between the University of Oulu and Japanese research institutions. These include Yokohama National University, Yokohama City University, Tohoku University, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology JAIST, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology NICT, and Hokkaido University.

"Japan is very interested in research co-operation with Europe", says professor of radiotelecommunication technology Pentti Leppänen of the University of Oulu. "The Japanese government have recently invested heavily in the internationalization of Japanese universities, and now they are investing in co-operation between universities and companies. The CWC model, where the university and companies work together with the society, is totally new to the Japanese, who have taken great interest in it."

Last updated: 9.3.2012