First two graduated with Master's Degree in Wireless Communications Engineering

The first graduates in the history of Master’s Degree Programme in Wireless Communications Engineering (WCE) are Zoë Quintana Prados and Ijaz Ahmad.

"In the autumn nine more students from the first intake will follow their example", says the coordinator of the WCE programme, University Lecturer Kari Kärkkäinen from the Department of Communications Engineering.

The WCE programme was launched in 2010 based on the distinguished teaching and research of telecommunications conducted at the UOulu for more than 20 years.

The good international reputation in the field of wireless communications engineering brought Ijaz Ahmad to Oulu.

"After completing my bachelor's in my home country Pakistan, I was working as executive engineer in a telecom company but left for higher education. Renowned research at the Center for Wireless Communications (CWC) motivated me to apply for admission in Oulu."

Quintana Prados comes from Spain and her goal is to start a career in the industry.

"I have been working for Nokia Siemens Networks and also compiled my master’s theses there. I want to settle in Oulu and in the autumn I will start searching for a job in a local telecommunications company."

The English-speaking programme takes in 20 students annually. According to the admission requirements, the applicants should have a completed relevant bachelor’s degree. Many of the students even have work experience of the field from their home country.

Objective of the two-year programme is to educate specialist resources for the telecommunications industry in the Oulu region and in the global market. In addition, there is a demand for doctoral students. According to the professor responsible for the WCE programme, Jari Iinatti, the research unit Centre for Wireless Communications continuously engages postgraduate students to its research projects.


Picture: M.Sc.(Tech) Ijaz Ahmed and M.Sc.(Tech) Zoë Quintana Prados made history. Coordinator of the WCE-programme, University Lecturer Kari Kärkkäinen from the Department of Communications Engineering received their recognition for his helpful and friendly support and for creating a good study atmosphere. Picture by Tuomo Hänninen

Last updated: 20.6.2012