CWC Changes Director

At the University of Oulu Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC), Dr. Sc. Tech. Harri Posti has replaced the former director, who is leaving for research assignment in the United States.

Appointed in the beginning of September, Dr. Posti links the research institute stronger to the branch industry and trade. After a Nokia-career almost two decades long, Posti has been working as a project consultant for three years. His previous employer was Business Oulu -Enterprise.

Dr. Posti is taking over an internationally renowned research unit with a successful track record of joint research and product development since 1995. However, the decline of Nokia-cluster in Finland has emerged an urgent need to look for new research openings from further fields.

On the other hand, a global shift is taking place in the communications engineering branch. The research field is expanding and the need for wireless transmission data capacity is growing exponentially.                            

Wireless communications technology is applied to connecting devices instead of people. Internet of Things opens new business opportunities, that can be created by new enterprises or existing enterprises extending their product range.

In the new situation, wireless communications research must focus ever more on taking into account the requirements and restrictions of the applications. Co-operation with industry and business networks needs to be tightened.

- CWC has the greatest potential to function as a bridge between research and industry. We can profit from our internationally recognized expertise and well-functioning networks, believes Harri Posti.

In Oulu Region, the central partner is the Oulu Innovation Alliance offering potential angles of approach into the research challenges concerning areas as health care, environment and energy, traffic as well as security.

As his most important tasks the new director identifies introducing fresh perspectives, scanning for potential partners and selling research ideas to them. Strengthening the CWC brand by promoting the research institute know-how is playing an essential role as well.

- At this stage CWC is better known abroad as in the home country. We aim at increasing our visibility especially in Helsinki cosmopolitan area. My most important duty is to act as a figurehead and CWC’s face outwards, Posti aligns.

Last updated: 1.10.2012