Europe supports Pyhäsalmi Mine as a location for neutrino laboratory

European researchers strongly support the idea that the giant neutrino laboratory should be placed on Pyhäsalmi Mine in Pyhäjärvi town.

LAGUNA consortium, which has been assessing the feasibility of several sites in Europe, is now supporting Pyhäsalmi Mine to host this deep underground laboratory. This opinion is also shared by the research community, which plans future neutrino factory, and ApPEC/ASPERA organisation, which coordinates the research of astroparticle physics in Europe.

The aforementioned views were presented in a big symposium organised in Krakow, where the science community were debating on the new European strategy for particle physics. The Pyhäsalmi project was one of the most visible subjects in the symposium. Finnish members in Laguna are the Universities of Oulu, Jyväskylä and Helsinki.

According to Professor Jukka Maalampi, the proposed research center in Pyhäsalmi would have significant implications to Finnish research system, which has been criticized for the poor international connection. It would also enhance the country image of Finland as a technology country.

“LAGUNA would be the first large-scale pan-European research infrastructure placed in Finland. Getting the research center requires a strong will and desire from the Finnish decision-makers. This opportunity is unique one time offer.” Maalampi continues.

The host country will profit from the huge international projects like LAGUNA. According to the report, LAGUNA's areal and nationwide influences to employment and economics are significant. Naturally, Finland is expected to share building costs. In the case of constructing the expensive research instruments, the costs are shared between all countries involved. This means notable international investments to Finland in the areas of high technology and knowledge.

Last updated: 31.10.2012