15th Anniversary of MediaTeam Oulu Research Group – history released

MediaTeam Oulu is a research group operating at the CSE - Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The group is celebrating its 15th Anniversary by publishing its history titled “15 Years – Exploring the Urban Life – History of the MediaTeam Oulu Research Group”.

The group was founded in 1997. MediaTeam´s research topics have evolved from multimedia processing and intelligent networking to social networking in an urban environment. Currently the group employs roughly 40 individuals from many different fields.

MediaTeam has ten years of experience in conducting research in real environment. The group has gained international recognition due to its groundbreaking research on urban and ubiquitous computing in authentic urban setting using unique UBI infrastructure. The group has remodeled the way research is conducted by welcoming professionals from across the world to experiment with the infrastructure.

When measuring societal impact, the public access network panOULU is by far the most important achievement. Originally, panOULU was launched as a research tool. On a global scale, such free broadband Internet access is still very uncommon. Nowadays panOULU has over one thousand access points and 35 000-40 000 monthly users.

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Last updated: 20.12.2012