Finnish Academy funding expands wireless communications research cooperation with Korea

Department of Communications Engineering at the University of Oulu has won funding for a new significant international cooperation from Academy of Finland.

The two-year project EEWiS launched in the beginning of this year will step up the research collaboration with the Republic of Korea and target the development of usable transceiver solutions.

The new research cooperation was triggered by the recruitment of a post doc researcher at the Department of Communications Engineering and Centre for Wireless Communications.

A significant role in the preparation of the project proposal of EEWiS was played by Le-Nam Tran, who had made his doctoral exam in the partner University Kung Hee, a private coeducational university consisting of three campus areas in Seoul and its surroundings.

The project was preceded by a joint publication last year. The participation in the programme of the Finnish Academy and Korean National Research Fund will expand and enhance the existing cooperation further.

The launched Finnish-Korean research cooperation concentrates on developing the energy-efficient physical layer, transceiver signal processing and mesh network route optimization of cooperative wireless communication systems and network topologies. It focuses on radio resource management (RRM) algorithms and optimization methods to realize the promise of machine-to-machine wireless internet of things (IoT) in an energy-efficient manner. New and practicable transceiver solutions, RRM and routing algorithms are derived with special emphasis on the overall energy efficiency.

In the University of Oulu the project is led by professor Markku Juntti, and in the Kuyng Hee University Department of Radio Engineering by professor Een Kee Hong.

Last updated: 23.1.2013