Research tied to industrial R&D opens new path of medical material production

In collaboration with the China Nonferrous Metal Mining (Ningxia Group) Co., Ltd (CNMNC), the Electron Spectroscopy research group (ELSP) at the Department of Physics in the University of Oulu is participating in the development of a novel method to prepare porous refractory metals.

The group was recently hosting a visiting engineer from CNMNC to develop the materials commonly used in medical implantation purposes. According to the Post Doc Wei Cao who is the project responsible at the University of Oulu, an innovation disclosure has recently been issued and related patent application is in preparation.

The porous refractory metals are considered to be one of the most adaptable materials for bone ingrowth in total hip and knee prostheses. A global market volume of the orthopedics implant materials and industry is expected to reach 41 billion dollars in 2016.

The authentic preparation method was realized through the chemical vapor deposition on the vitreous organic framework. Beside a high preparation cost, functions and performances of the residual organic component when implanted into human body remain unknown.

As one of the largest suppliers in the refractory materials in the world, the CNMNC has been seeking for a substitution method to synthesis the material and commercialization of the product for the global market. Taking the advantages of innovative environment and pioneering research background of the ELSP, the CNMNC is financially supporting a senior engineer, the raw materials and instrumentations to carry out the research in Oulu.

The suggested innovative preparation route is environment friendly, carbon free, low cost and flexibly tailored into designed shapes. Further clinical trials and tests are expected, while the market survey and pre-production are in progress. Further staff exchange and visits are planned between the CNMNC and the ELSP group.

The collaboration highlights a fact that the solutions to the industrial questions are able to be given and further developed in the academia through the fundamental and applied researches.

The ELSP research group ( led by Prof. Marko Huttula is a partner in Molecular Materials research community of University of Oulu.

Last updated: 9.4.2013