UbiCity software released under open source license

University of Oulu MediaTeam Oulu research group has published the open source code of its UbiCity project. UbiCity software is part of the unique ubiquitous computing infrastructure available in downtown Oulu, Finland.  The software provides an opportunity for creating new type of wellbeing, tourist and cultural services. Software has been tested by real users.

Within the UbiCity project (2008-2012), a versatile open ubiquitous infrastructure has been built in downtown Oulu in collaboration with the City of Oulu. It includes software, large interactive public displays and sensor networks. Novel applications which combine the physical and intelligent spaces have been created on top of the infrastructure. In Oulu, the prototype of a future ubiquitous city, the computing resources are in efficient use for the citizens and visitors. They can search for an appropriate restaurant, send a virtual UBI postcard or express their opinion to the city administration, for example.

The added value of the ubiquitous infrastructure and services has been studied systematically over several years in field trials. The infrastructure remains available for development of new innovative services at least until March 2017.

UbiCity software is released for sharing the expertise and experience gained with developers and researchers of IT services. The release is expected to support technology transfer into SME´s, in particular. In addition, the academia can utilize the codes.

The UbiCity project was financed by the European Regional Development Fund, Council of Oulu Region and City of Oulu. The project was implemented by MediaTeam Oulu research group and Intelligent Systems Group at Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Department of Architecture, as well as Kaleva Ltd. and Galaxo Ltd.

Open source software is available at: http://www.ubioulu.fi/en/node/375

Test results have been published as scientific results of the UBI Program: http://www.ubioulu.fi/en/node/115


Last updated: 16.4.2013