University of Oulu to renew its field of science structures

The University of Oulu will reorganize its research and education activities into nine fields of science, four research focus area organizations, and separate units.

Previously there were six faculties. The structural renewal will form field of science wholes that are more distinct than before, and able to implement interdisciplinary research in an effective way by, for example, utilizing and developing shared research environments.

With a more homogenous faculty structure the faculties will be able to reduce the number of their bachelor’s programmes, and to build for students shared flexible study paths for different masters’ programmes.

The University of Oulu implements its structural development through action. First the strategy was renewed and actions programmes written for it. Now the administrative structures and management system are to be renewed so that they support the achieving of strategic aims.

There will be a one-tier management for the faculties, it will be lighter than before, and the university community will have more influence than before. Also, experts outside the university community will be heard within the scientific community better than before. External members will also be selected to the new faculty boards. They will bring expertise into the areas of strength of the faculty.

The main goal of structural development is to improve the competitiveness, quality, influence and communality of the University of Oulu.

There will be nine faculties in all starting from the beginning of 2014. New field of science entities will be the Faculty of Architecture, the faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, and the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering:

- Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine
- Faculty of Education
- Faculty of Humanities
- Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
- Faculty of Medicine
- Faculty of Science
- Faculty of Technology
- Oulu Business School
- Oulu School of Architecture

Faculties will be one-tier in structure. Faculties will independently decide on their department structure, or on its abandonment.

The focus area organizations of research based on areas of strength of the University are:

- Biocenter Oulu (biosciences and health)
- Eudaimonia – Research centre for human studies (cultural identity and interaction)
- Infotech Oulu (information technology)
- Thule Institute (environment, natural resources and materials)

The structural renewal will take effect on 1 January 2014.

Last updated: 6.6.2013