WHO Collaborating Centre to the University of Oulu

World Health Organization has designated the Center for Environmental and Respiratory Health Research (CERH) as a WHO Collaborating Centre in Global Change, Environment and Public Health.

The main objectives of the newly established collaborating centre are to strengthen the climate change and health related research, education and dissemination of research based information to different interest groups.

CERH is the only university based research unit in Finland – and the third in the world operating under the same theme – to be accepted to WHO Collaborating Centre. The designation has been a product of years of co-operation between the CERH researchers and World Health Organization.

The application process started in 2011 with a request from WHO, and the final acceptance came in May 2014.

The director of the WHO Collaborating Centre is the director of CERH, Professor of Public Health Jouni Jaakkola.

The official opening ceremony will be organized on United Nations Day October 24, 2014. The newly established WHOCC will start its activities with a doctoral training course Climate Change, Weather and Human Health on the following week. The course lectures are open to everybody interested in the topic. Representatives from WHO will be present in the opening seminar and the course.


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Last updated: 26.8.2014