New business from plant-derived antibiotics

The researchers at the Department of Biology have discovered antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) from microbes of crowberry. They are being developed into new research-based business with Tekes TUTLI funding.

The project "Confining Hospital-Acquired INfections by peptide antibiotics (CHAIN)" is aiming to build solutions for preventing spread of hospital-acquired infections.

Antibiotic resistance is spreading globally at an alarming rate and being one of the leading causes of death in addition to life style-associated diseases. AMPs are conserved and not known to develop resistance. Therefore peptide drugs are getting the much-needed attention by the pharmaceutical industry.

The project is the first TUTLI-funded project at the Department of Biology. It is lead by Dr. Tejesvi Mysore, and will start in January 2015 lasting 18 months. The project group consists of researchers Dr. Mysore and Anna Maria Pirttilä, Juhani Lahdenperä responsible for business development, and Maarit Jokela leading the technology protection and transfer.

Maarit Jokela

Last updated: 2.12.2014