FT Matti Sarén to manage research and innovation

Doctor of Philosophy Matti Sarén from Kajaani has been appointed as the research and innovation manager in the University of Oulu. He will be responsible for the advancing of multidisciplinary research, planning of large research projects, and cooperation with business and other interest groups.

In the beginning of his term Sarén will act as temporary manager for change in the Faculty of Science from 9 March 2015 on, as dean Jouni Pursiainen leaves his assignment. The manager for change implements the organization change of the Faculty of Science into a research based faculty. A new Dean for the faculty will be appointed after the change period.

Matti Sarén comes to the University from Metso Automation, where he worked as manager of technology. He graduated as Doctor of Philosophy in the University of Helsinki 2006. Sarén has worked in the University of Oulu during 2004–2006.



Last updated: 16.2.2015