Research based startup Valossa Labs raised venture capital funding

Research based Valossa  got altogether 650 000 $ seed funding from Butterfly Ventures (Oulu-based) and several Finnish angel investors.

Valossa creates video analysis technologies that enable the discovery of relevant content. It has specialized to the deep content of videos using proprietary natural language processing, image recognition and machine learning technologies.

The company’s technology demo site at currently contains data on more than 45,000 English language movies. The technology has been also tested with a Finnish online TV-service (Kuukkeli-TV) since 2010.

Valossa was founded in autumn 2015 after Tekes TUTLI-funded (New knowledge and business from research) project. Its origin is in the research made by Dr. Mika Rautiainen and coworkers in the Computer Science and Engineering, University of Oulu.

Company has the headquater in Oulu and branch office in Silicon Valley, California.

More info:

Press release Machine Learning Identifies Thousands of Places And Objects In Video, Automatically Adds Metadata Via Deep Content Analysis


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Last updated: 5.1.2016