Our new brand communicates the renewal of the University of Oulu

Our University is renewing itself in many ways. Our new strategy clarifies what kinds of research profile, goals of doing, and multidisciplinary culture are going to lead our way forward.

It is time to sharpen also our brand, ie. what makes the University of Oulu unique in the Academic world, how do we communicate about it and what is our visual identity.

There are approximately 17 000 universities in the world, depending on how you count them. We compete with them for students and top Academic talents, among other things. The further from Oulu we go, the more important become a well thought-out strategic plan and also an attractive and distinctive brand. An image that is attractive both nationally and internationally, also helps in the competition for Finnish students, employees, partners and financing.

The traditional way for universities to communicate around the world has been through their shared and common mission rather than through their own specific position. All their messages sound and look rather similar. In the global perspective we can be seen a bit smaller and more distant, and to be noticed we need to have a strong message of our own, and a unique way of telling it.


What is special about our message, then?

In addition to our scientific profile, we are unique in our location, culture, and compact multidisciplined campuses. We are one of the world's northernmost universities, and we stand at the edge of humanity's new frontier, the Arctic region. The North also gives many of our research areas a unique environment.

The demanding Northern circumstances have always pushed people to be inventive. Here curiosity, tenacity and cooperation will be rewarded. The rugged environment has made us focus our efforts in the essential. A culture of immediacy has been born, where capability becomes clear, results matter, and nothing is impossible. Many world-changing inventions come from here.

We are at the top of the world in the focus areas of our research, and we participate in solving great global challenges. The University of Oulu does science with an Arctic attitude. Oulu is the right place for people who don't want an easy ride, but who want to go further.


Our new visual identity honours history but brings forth attitude

The University of Oulu needs the kind of visual identity which brings out Arctic attitude, which was selected to position our brand. An identity which is entirely of international level, but dares to build a concrete world of its own, capable of being both elegant and playful, and not coming from any dusty university catalogue.

Our new logo honours our history but at the same time communicates dynamism, open-mindedness, go-ahead attitude, and our triple duty in the service of science, education and societal influence.


Our new logo honours our history, at the same time communicating dynamism, open-mindedness, go-ahead attitude, and the three missions of the University.


Marja Jokinen
Communications Director, University of Oulu


Last updated: 18.2.2016