Winter exercise of people with coronary disease is studied in Oulu

The Center for Environmental and Respiratory Health Research at the University of Oulu has started a study of the effect of wintertime health exercise and functional exercise on heart and cardiovascular functioning in people with coronary heart disease. The study aims to promote all-year round exercise, which is important for maintaining health in people with heart disease.

Currently we do not know if it is healthy to do the kind of exercise in the cold, which follows medical treatment recommendations for coronary heart disease patients. This is because both the cold and exercise independently strain the heart and the vascular system. Knowing their combined effects is important because of the patients' weakened supply of oxygen and function of the heart. Researched information makes it possible to make the current exercise recommendations more accurate in support of year-round exercise.

This experimental study is partaken by approximately 20 people who have coronary heart disease and have had a heart attack. They have been selected from the patient database in the Oulu University Hospital. The examinees participate in four experimantal situations in random order in the thermal laboratory of the Kastelli Research Center in Oulu.

The project is a multicentre trial, whose participants in addition to the University of Oulu are the University hospital of Oulu clinic of internal medicine, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, and international experts in environmental health, heart diseases, and physical education. The three-year project is financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture.



Last updated: 22.2.2016