NASA rewarded space technology experts from Oulu

Jyri Porter and Professor Kauko Lappalainen from the University of Oulu research units of Materials Engineering and Production Technology have received the NASA Robert H. Goddard award certificate. Lappalainen and Porter participated in NASA's satellite project, and NASA awarded them for their exceptional achievement in technology.

Lappalainen and Porter have participated in NASA's Magnetospheric Multiscale satellite project. The project has developed several research equipment for studying the movements of the energies, plasma, and magnetic and electric fields of charged particles of outer space in Earth's magnetic field.

The researchers from Oulu worked in the spin-plane double probe (SDP) team. The team has developed a spherical ball, which measures the electric field in space. The equipment inside the ball has been designed in Oulu and manufactured, put together and tested in the workshop of the Faculty of Technology. The main partners in the team have been the University of New Hampshire, and the Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan of Sweden.

The group of four satellites was launched successfully into Earth's orbit in spring 2015, and the equipment has been working faultlessly.

More information on the project is on the Nasa MMS pages and in an article published in Space Science Review.

Last updated: 6.5.2016