Management Group of Research

Tasks of the Management Group of Research are determined in the Regulations of the University of Oulu, section 11:

“To support management, a vice rector establishes a management team which is composed of the deans of the faculties for which the vice rector is responsible and any other persons appointed by the vice rector.”

Members of the Management Group of Research are the Vice Rector of Research (chair), Deans of the Faculties and Directors of the Focus Area Units.


Members of the Management Group of Research (1.1.2018 - 30.6.2020)


Vice Rector for Research Taina Pihlajaniemi


Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine (FBMM):
Dean Peppi Karppinen (personal substitute Education Dean Tuomo Glumoff)

Faculty of Humanities (FHum):
Dean Paula Rossi (personal substitute Education Dean Harri Mantila)

Faculty of Education (FEdu):
Dean Kati Mäkitalo (personal substitute Education Dean Sari Harmoinen)

Faculty of Science (FSci):
Dean Maarit Järvenpää (personal substitute Education Dean Saana-Maija Huttula)

Faculty of Medicine (FMed):
Dean Anne Renmes (personal substitute Education Dean Jyrki Mäkelä)

Oulu Business School (OBS):
Dean Mikko Puhakka (personal substitute Education Dean Janne Järvinen)

Faculty of Technology (FTech):
Dean Riitta Keiski (personal substitute Education Dean Juha Tanskanen)

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (ITEE):
Dean Jukka Riekki (personal substitute Education Dean Jari Iinatti)

University of Oulu Graduate School UniOGS:
Dean Harri Oinas-Kukkonen (personal substitute Vice Dean Jouko Miettunen)

Biocenter Oulu:
Scientific Director Johanna Uusimaa

Director Pentti Haddington

Infotech Oulu:
Scientific Director Simo Saarakkala

Kvantum Institute:
Director Bjørn Kløve


Strategy Officer Ritva Saastamoinen

Additional information:
Vice Rector for Research Taina Pihlajaniemi (taina.pihlajaniemi @, p. +358 2 94 485800
Strategy Officer Ritva Saastamoinen (ritva.saastamoinen @, p. +358 2 94 484226

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