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Research Support Services

Research Support Services advises and assists researchers to plan and prepare proposals and applications for external research funding. Research Support Services also provides support in the administration and implementation of projects, including contract- and agreement-related issues.

Innovation Services advises and assists researchers in matters connected to inventions, business ideas, and intellectual property rights.

IT services for researchers assists researchers in matters connected to data management, scientific computing and installation and use of software.

Oulu University Library is a scientific library, the task of which is to provide library and information services for the researchers, teachers and students of the University of Oulu

The ethics workgroup of the university of Oulu advices and assists researchers in matters connected to ethical issues.



Research Support Services

Director Teija Kekonen
Tel. (0294) 482053
room M206 (Tellus 2nd floor)


Oulu Business School, Faculty of Education and Faculty of Humanities

Research Funding Specialist Terhi Kuusisto
Tel. (0294) 48 9906
room KTK217-1

Research Funding Specialist Jani Haapakoski
Tel. (0294) 483715
room HUM325


Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Research Funding Specialist Teija Tuhkala
Tel. (0294) 482921
room TS350


Faculty of Science, Faculty of Technology

Research Funding Specialist Päivi Tomperi
Tel. (0294) 483972
room IT 252 (Tietotalo 2)


Research Funding Specialist Irja Ruokamo
Tel. (0294) 482941
room TF405


Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine

Research Funding Specialist Emma Pirilä
Tel. (0294) 485879
room 257B


Joint Services

EU Specialist Anniina Jaako
Tel. (0294) 482008
room M211

Research Funding Specialist Seija Kemppainen
Tel. (0294) 487866
room M211

Research Funding Specialist Janika Luukinen
Tel. (0294) 483979
room M211

Research Funding Specialist Kirsi Ojutkangas
Tel. (0294) 482966
room M211




email: or

University of Oulu/Research Support Services
Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu 1
P.O.Box 8300
90014 Oulun yliopisto


University Innovation Centre (UIC)

Services for development of research-based innovations, university-company collaboration and business development at the University of Oulu.  Contact information

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