Allocation of Fundraising Income

A good part of the investment capital of the University of Oulu is a result of the previous fundraising campaign 2008-2011. The value of the fundraising capital in 2015 was 47.9 million euros. The university allocates the return of the investments to it’s stretegic focus areas:

  • Creating sustainability through materials and systems
  • Molecular and environmental basis for lifelong health
  • Digital solutions in sensing and interactions
  • Earth and near-space system and environmental change
  • Understanding humans in change

In 2013 and 2014 the total amount of allocated return was 5,3 million euros. This was allocated by faculties:

  • Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine 540 000 €
  • Faculty of Humanities  510 000 €
  • Oulu Mining School 298 694 €
  • Faculty of Science 691 500 €
  • Faculty of Medicine 990 000 €
  • Oulu Business School 275 000
  • Faculty of Technology  390 000 €
  • Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering 340 000 €
  • University of Oulu Graduate School 100 000 €
  • University level development1 343 600 €


The investment policy of the University of Oulu is based on the universities act together with the financial regulations and the definition of policy set by the university board of directors. An investment committee has been set up by the board of directors:

Staffan Sevón, Head of Tactical Asset Allocation, Ilmarinen Alfa and Hedgefunds at Ilmarinen

Leena Mörttinen, Director at Confederation of Finnish Industries EK

Juha-Pekka Kallunki, Professor, University of Oulu

Pirjo Kytösalmi, CFO, University of Oulu



Last updated: 11.6.2019