RAE2013 - Research Assessment Exercise 2013 of the University of Oulu

49 Research Communities, and over 2100 persons, participated in RAE2013 evaluation at the University of Oulu.
Read the evaluation report including bibliometric analyses:

RESEARCH ASSESSMENT EXERCISE REPORT 2014 - International Evaluation of Research at the University of Oulu

Instead of a traditional department-based evaluation it was chosen to foster the formation of researcher-based units, research communities, according to research themes, regardless of institutional boundaries. The designation of three participation categories, veni, vidi and vici, aimed at assessment of research at different stages of maturity and international significance. The 49 self-formed research communities typically contained researchers from several departments and faculties. Participation was voluntary, but nevertheless the coverage was excellent and no major gaps in the research topics were evident. The result thus reflected the multidisciplinary nature of the University of Oulu.

RAE2013 process survey

The survey was sent to the leaders of the 49 evaluated Research Communities three months after the official release of RAE2014 report.

The purpose of the survey was

  • to get feedback
  • to receive suggestions for the next evaluation of research.

The survey consisted of two items:

  1. RAE2013 process – See the results
  2. RAE2013 aims – See the results.

The scale used: Very satisfied – Quite satisfied – Quite unsatisfied – Very unsatisfied.

The most successful RAE2013 Research Communities were rewarded

The international evaluation of research, RAE2013, is now completed.

The evaluation panels recognised 13 outstanding Research Communities: AgeAds, BARC, CLRC, CMV, CVR-Co, Global Health, MA, MOMA, MtM, PopStatGen, Proteus, RELATE-OULU, Tissue Homeostasis

In addition, the panels recognised nine excellent Research Communities: INSPIRES, OSSI, PSH, iUBI, Living Stories, NorBe, ProChemE, LET, SPARC

Description of RAE2013 evaluation

At the University of Oulu, the Research Assessment RAE2013 is carried out in 2013. RAE2013 is strengthening the research communities at the university by aiming to be

  • a constructive
  • a supportive
  • a future-oriented process.

The aim of RAE2013 is:

  • to stimulate the use of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research approaches
  • to build larger, innovative and internationally significant researcher-driven functional entities.

RAE2013 outcome will strongly influence the scientific profile of the University of Oulu because

  • research focus areas
  • future developmental directions

will be identified based on the evaluation report. The strongest-performing units in the RAE2013 evaluation will receive long-term strategic financing.

Rector Lauri Lajunen appointed the members of RAE2013 Steering Group on March 2, 2012:

  • Vice Rector (research) Taina Pihlajaniemi, Chair
  • Vice Rector (education) Olli Silvén, Vice-Chair
  • Director Sinikka Eskelinen, Secretary
  • Professor Raimo Kaasila (Faculty of Education)
  • Chief Librarian Päivi Kytömäki
  • Professor Jari Oksanen (Faculty of Science)
  • Doctoral Student Elina Pernu
  • Professor Petteri Pietikäinen (Faculty of Humanities)

The three panels for the RAE2013 peer review process were formed primarily according to the special research focus areas of the University of Oulu:

  1. Health and Biosciences
  2. Human Sciences
  3. Technology and Natural Sciences.

The Rector Lauri Lajunen appointed the members of three evaluation panels during the summer 2013. Then the 32 scientific experts in three panels started their evaluation work from July 2013. 

RAE2013 contact persons:

  • Vice Rector Taina Pihlajaniemi (taina.pihlajaniemi @ oulu.fi)
  • Director of Research Services Sinikka Eskelinen (sinikka.eskelinen @ oulu.fi)
  • Research Coordinator Aija Ryyppö (aija.ryyppo @ oulu.fi)
  • Chief Librarian Päivi Kytömäki, (paivi.kytomaki @ oulu.fi); SoleCris & bibliometric analysis

Last updated: 1.11.2016